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Help topics
 1. Registration
 2. Licences – short description
 3. Information about photographs
 4. Photographs search
 5. Archiving selected photographs or “WAITING ROOM&#
 8. Information about the order:
 9. Import/downloading the materials
10. Contact

a. how to buy one or more photographs?
b. closing purchase transaction
c. ways of delivering the order
d. information about payment
e. procedure for an individual purchase of photographs

a. how to buy one or more photographs

After clicking the icon „Cart” which is always placed in the right corner below the miniature of the photo, you will be taken to the page with enlarged photo and information table. Select the file (…jpg or …TIFF) you are interested in, confirm the selection by clicking “Into the cart” (which is in the last column of the table). The selected photograps will go to your cart. After all the photographs, you are interested in, have been placed in the cart, you can purchase them – to this end, go to the area “My cart” (you can find it below the link “Log in/Log out”). All the content of the basket together with the icons of selected photographs, catalogue number, format (…jpg or …TIFF) and gross price will be displayed. Here you can introduce necessary changes in you order by:

- giving up the purchase/deleting photograph from „cart”

Tick the box ”Delete” to confirm that you want to remove the photograph from the cart. The system will delete the item automatically.

- dividing the order into several payments

Tick off the box ”Buy” next to the photos you want to buy separately (separate invoice and licence). Leave the ones that are to be placed on one order.

b. closing purchase transaction

Confirm the purchase by clicking on “Order”. If you have forgotten to log in, the system will direct you automatically to the login screen. If you are a new user, click “Continue” in the section “New Customer” and then register yourself (you have to be registered to purchase photos). After registration you will be taken to the window: “Information about delivery”.

c. ways of delivering the order

It is a standard practice for PHOTOPLASTICON.COM to fulfil order electronically – the photographs are sent free of charge. If you wish to receive the ordered photographs on CD or DVD as well as printed invoice and licence – please inform as about it using the option „Add commentary to your order” or send us an e-mail to the address:

Suggestion: write “Way of delivery” in the subject of your e-mail. Write how you want to receive your order: by standard, priority, express shipment, etc.

In case the regulations concerning free of charge shipment are not fulfilled, PHOTOPLASTICON.COM consultant will inform you about the cost of delivery (courier, standard mail). You can also choose the courier that usually handles you deliveries.

d. information about payment

Click “Continue” to go to “Information about payment”. PHOTOPLASTICON.COM usually receives payments through the company “PayU S.A.” – payments by credit card or transfer, in PLN or EUR (other currencies according to exchange rate and conditions of “PayU S.A.).
After clicking “Continue” you will view the screen “Confirmation of the order” which contains photo preview, format, number, gross value of the order in PLN (Polish version of the website) or in EUR (English version of the website). By clicking “Confirm order” you will be taken to secure website of “PayU S.A.” internet transactions. Make the payment and your order will be processed.

e. procedure for an individual purchase of photographs

In case of purchase on individual conditions, that is, photographs with exclusive rights, photographs for a single use, cooperation agreement, postponed payment, discounts, etc. all the payments should be made on the basis of separate agreement and not on PHOTOPLASTICON.COM.

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