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a. downloading photo preview
c. how to transfer photographs to “WAITING ROOM” makes it possible to download preview photo material for provisional projects before you buy the licence authorizing you to use photographs (on the basis of appropriate licence document).

a. downloading photo preview

- click on selected photo miniature;
- after clicking on selected miniature, the window with the enlarged photograph together with technical parameters and price will open.

It is possible to download photo preview (with “” watermark). To this end click on the link “download preview” or draw photo preview onto the desktop. In this way you archive preview files in your memory resources.

All the photographs on PHOTOPLASTICON.COM have watermarks. They protect the photographs against unauthorised use. After acquiring the rights to use the photographs, you will receive them without watermarks.

b. "WAITING ROOM" offers you the possibility to store the selected photographs on its server, in the clipboard called “Waiting room”. This option is available only to registered and logged in users for 60 days running from the moment the photo was added - after this time the photo will be removed authomatically from “Waiting room”.

Remember!: if you select photos and copy them to the waiting room before leaving PHOTOPLASTICON.COM, log in or register, otherwise the selected photographs will be deleted authomatically.

Thanks to Waiting room you can access and compare selected photos easily and quickly without having to search again for the photos that you have selected earlier.

c. how to transfer photographs to "WAITING ROOM"?

There is a graphic sing “+” below each photograph. After clicking on it, the system will automatically create a copy in your clipboard.

Having logged in again and clicking on the link “My account” you will see the icon taking you to “Waiting room” – click on it and the content of your clipboard will be displayed.

The photos in “Waiting room” have watermarks. They protect photographs against unauthorized use. After acquiring the rights to use the photographs, you will receive them without watermarks.

As an alternative you can download the files to your own resources.

See: downloading photo preview

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