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a. name
b. colour
c. size
d. weight
e. path
f. price

Each photo on PHOTOPLASTICON.COM possesses its identifier in the form of a number, e.g. img000944 or IMG000944 and:

- “img” written in small letters stands for .jpg or .jpeg files (subject to limited licence TYPE B – can be used for creating website designs, e-mail, video, and internal electronic presentations, excluding all forms of recording or reproducing in any technique).

- “IMG” written in capital letters always stands for .TIF or .TIFF files (subject to basic licence TYPE A – full use of photographs as per binding licence - photographs can be used for graphic projects and can be recorded or reproduced in any technique, e.g. printing)

IMPORTANT: Write down or remember the number of the photograph you are interested in – always use this number while contacting PHOTOPLASTICON.COM

The most important information about the photograph is placed in the table:

a. name

Full catalogue number of the photo and resolution in dpi (dots per inch):

- for .jpg (always 72 dots)
- for .tiff (always 300 dots)

b. colour

Defines colour mode in electronic recording

- for .jpg (always RGB)

The term RGB (Red Green, Blue) is a colour model made up of 3 colours, necessary to show images on the monitor properly.

- for .tiff (always CMYK)

The term CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) is a colour model made up of 4 colours, popularly used in colour printing. These colours are also called process colours or four colours. CMYK is also one of the colour models used in computer graphics. PHOTOPLASTICON.COM always makes .tiff files available in CMYK, with resolution 300 dpi (the most all-purpose files)

c. size

Determines format of the photo, that is its height and width

- for .jpg (always in pixels), while longer side of the photo always has 1024 px
- for .tiff (always in centimetres) e.g. 21 x 29.70 cm is A4 format for a file with resolution of 300 dpi

d. weight

Determines approximate, real “weight” of the photograph (the size of memory necessary to store given uncompressed file)

- for .jpg (always in KB)
- for .tiff (always in MB) – the heaviest, the biggest file available on PHOTOPLATICON.COM

e. path
Informs that the photograph contains a hidden selection that makes further work with the file easier

Example: A photo of ”a roll” against any background, option in path’s table ”YES”, after activating selection we get an outline of ”a roll” without the necessity of time-consuming procedure of unmarking ”product”

f. price

Determines the gross value of the photograph to be used on the basis of given licence. The price includes VAT tax and it is given in PLN in Polish version of the website, and in EUR in English version (exchange rate based on the current NBP (National Bank of Poland) exchange rate.

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