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a. when to register?
b. how to register?
c. why is it worth registering?

The company PHOTOPLASTICON s.c. sells authorised products in the form of photographic material (electronic recording) through the website WWW.PHOTOPLASTICON.COM

Purchased photographs can be used only after “the licence” has been obtained and only in the scope presented in it.

Required documentation is personalised and because of that it is necessary to register, that is, to give indispensable data so that PHOTOPLASTICON s.c. can issue licence documents and invoices.

PHOTOPLASTICON s.c. guarantees that:

- all the data contained in registration forms will not be available to unauthorized individuals
- the data contained in registration forms will be used only in accordance with binding regulations and requirements of “privacy policy” (the text is available on WWW.PHOTOPLATICON.COM)

a. when to register?

Registration can be done anytime while using the service PHOTOPLATICON.COM, however, it should be done before the first purchase.

b. how to register?

In order to register, click on the link “REGISTRATION” placed on the right side of the site on (the third task link counting from the bottom), fill in required fields in the form “create account” – marked with a red star.


- verification password must have at least 5 signs
- the password verifies the user
- remember the password and do not pass it to the third parties
- you can always change verification password in the section: „My account”

After registration you will be sent a “welcome e-mail” from the shop PHOTOPLASTICON.COM to the address given in the registration form. In case you do not receive this e-mail, please contact the consultant at:

c. why is it worth registering?

If you are a registered user of the service PHOTOPLASTICON.COM you additionally receive:
- possibility to access and update your data
- individual promotion (addressed exclusively to you)
- access to the history of orders
- possibility to manage your orders directly
- possibility to use “Waiting room”
- faster contact with the consultant

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